About US


I came from West Africa; a world-torn country. Then I came to America; a world full of opportunities. I realized people didn’t support each other enough. They were in their own world, isolated from everyone. From that day on, I wanted to change the narrative, create a brand, and an entire movement that would bring people together. I found that my true purpose in life is to teach, to be the light for those who are lost in the darkness. This journey in creating the symbol of resilience does just that, it becomes the light in which we use to give hope to the hopeless.

Before Situated began to transpire, I found myself in a very shady environment. People were not showing each other love, hating on one another, and forming secret cliques. I found people caging themselves into a world of not feeling like they belonged or couldn’t fit into a positive environment. They were either suffering from a mental illness or didn’t have a group or
a community to connect with. I quickly realized I was able to bring those people together; like-minded individuals. The community I built was the foundation for this brand. I threw events to connect people and build relationships. We carried the symbol of resilience with confidence. It was every trial and error, every supposed failure that allowed me to develop what became known today as, Situated The Brand. Join the movement.


Who Are We?

We are survivors surviving in a fashionable way. Our brand represents resilience, no matter who you are and no matter what you’re going through in life, you will overcome it. Our vision is to bring all people together within our community to feel safe and not judged.We are a group of individuals with unique stories shared through fashion, social gatherings, and events. Some of our items are named after and inspired by survivors and friends of our community. We identify ourselves as a tribe. Within this tribe, we work with aspiring models, actors, brands, and content creators to generate content and promote this movement. A movement of hope and resilience for all. We created a space in our community to feel free and not fear the world around us.